Privacy vs Desperation

If you haven't noticed already, I like to compare things. Most times, there are a few ironic inconsistencies in life that we can zoom in on and wonder how they co-exist.

Exhibit A: While Wired touts our ability to trust each other a separate media frenzy revolves around the lack of privacy and NSA-hackings. There's a conversation on USV that argues the sharing economy is a result of shrinking bank accounts, not because we're shifting culturally. Once the economy gets better, we'll all go back to our non-sharing ways.

Wrong. Hellz naw am I ever going back to a hotel over an exquisite little cottage on the beach with handmade soap and a fully stocked fridge (no matter how many dolla dolla bills I have)

Now something a little more controversial...I'm insensitive to privacy concerns for 2 reasons:

  1. I'm not worried anything I do is worth picking out yet. Because companies and our government are collecting data (n=all), I assume anonymity.
  2. I'm a martyr giving away my data in the name of science (jk). We need everyone's data to discover accurate correlations.

I'm a reflection of how internet users are acting - comfortable with letting people into my home and signing up for all kinds of services in exchange for my data. We're not being handcuffed into doing it, we genuinely enjoy the experience and willing to be the guinea pigs until suddenly a lab scientist kills us all.

just sayin'